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Heavy Duty PVC Loop Mat

Code: FS-3700
Material:Eco friendly PVC
Structure:Open PVC Loop
Thickness : 9-15mm
Size: 1.22m * 12m
Backing: with or without backing
Colors:Blue,Red,Green,White and so on.

PVC Loop mat is also be named PVC coil mat. The mat's vinyl looped construction scrapes and cleans dirt while filtering moisture through open structure.Open loop composition of the long run matting helps hide dirt and moisture below the surface, maintaining an attractive appearance.

Features : 

◆ Anti-slip safety matting for indoors or outdoors
◆ In roll form, ideal for customized size requirement
◆ Durable,elastic,strongly glued and long lasting 
◆ Tear-proof, dust-collecting, water-resistant and comfortable 
◆ Available with anti-slip backings - foam, firm or spike backings
◆ Easy to clean


Easy to clean with a pressure hose

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