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PVC Wet Area Mat

Code: FS-8000
Material: Eco friendly PVC
Structure: Open PVC Strip
Roll Size: Max.Width1.2m/Max.Length.15m
Piece Size: 60*100cm,120*150cm,Custom sizes
Mat Thickness: 5 MM
Weight: 4500g/sqm
Colors: Blue,Grey,Black,Custom colors

Our PVC Wet Area Mat will be your right choice for wet areas where a slipping potential accident happen. 

The open PVC Gird structure drain water away fast to make a anti-slip surface. 

It is a good choice for bathrooms, shower rooms, changing rooms and swimming pools.

Features : 

◆ Quick drying due to the open grid structure

◆  Excellent drainage

◆  Excellent resistance to wear

◆  Easy install and clean, just roll up 

◆  Eco friendly,no smell


Easily be cleaned by brush with neutral detergent.

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