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Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Size:457mm x 457mm
Mat depth:20 mm/16mm (±1mm)
Rolling Load: 1000 lbs/wheel

Architectural stainless steel grilles entrance matting system is high-end, heavy duty matting system made from 304 stainless steel , strong liner bar grilles construction. The liner stainless steel grilles make a stunning first impression in building entryways, it is the best architectural grid at removing debris, and providing a permanent and integrated solution to tracked in dirt and water.


◆  Durable welded construction 

◆  Supports foot and cart traffic

◆  Grilles have lockdowns-removal and replacement is easy

◆  Dirt drops through the voids into the grille recess.Simply lift a grille section and vacuum.


◆  Entrance Mats : Level Bed or Drainage Pit Applications.

◆  Trench Drain Grilles

◆  Tree Grates

◆  Swimming Pool Grates

◆  Revolving Doors

MAINTENANCE : Dirt drops through into the grilles recess. Simply lift a grille section and vacuum.

WARRANTY :  8 years  for normal use. 

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