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Brush Mat FS-3300

Code : FS-3300
Material: 100% EVA & Nylon brush
Endure temperature of -30 to +70;
Mat Size : 15 cm x 15 cm x 25 mm
Connected : Interlocking
Rolling Load: 450 lbs/wheel
Installation : Recessed or surface mounted

Brush entrance mat is a vinyl dirt stopper floor mat made of 100% EVA material and nylon brush. The combination of super quality brush, bind and shovel scrapes off dirt,mud,snow and initial moisture high effectively. The brush can scrape snow off under shoes when winter. Open mat construction drains water well. So, it is a great all weather floor mat. It is also a good DIY mat.You can make your favorite pattern by changing the direction of the mat.  

Brush scraper floor mat is widely used at entrance of hotels,shopping malls,hospitals,super markets,banks, schools and home.


◆ Recommended for outdoor use.

◆ Ideal product for medium traffic locations,or wet area locations 

◆ Easy to cut and fit any shape

◆ Easy to connect and lock together 

◆ Acid-fast,alkali-fast,anti-UV,colorfast

◆ Beveled ramps available  for added safety.

◆ Different tiles allows you to create your own pattern design  

◆ Tiles can be replaced separately to reduce the maintenance costs


◆ Cleans easily with vacuum cleaner or hosepipe and dries quickly. 

◆ Use an extraction device to clean the mat.

◆ Remove the mats regularly to clean up the groove.

WARRANTY : 1 years . for normal use. 


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