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3 in 1 Brush Doormat

Code : FS-3300
Material: 100% EVA & Nylon brush
Endure temperature of -30 to +70;
Mat Size : 15 cm x 15 cm x 25 mm
Connected : Interlocking
Rolling Load: 450 lbs/wheel
Installation : Recessed or surface mounted

3 in 1 brush front door mat provide great cleaning and safe solution by scraping dirt,snow,mud,draining water and prevent slip.Outdoor scraper mat is very important before visitor enter into interior flooring.


◆ Recommend for outdoor.

◆ Color of brush can be customized. 

◆ Interlocking tile design offer any size and shape.

◆ Ideal product for medium traffic locations,or wet area locations 

◆ Acid-fast,alkali-fast,anti-UV,colorfast

◆ Beveled ramps available  for added safety.

◆ Different tiles allows you to create your own pattern design  

◆ Tiles can be replaced separately to reduce the maintenance costs


◆ Cleans easily with vacuum cleaner or hosepipe and dries quickly. 

◆ Use an extraction device to clean the mat.

◆Remove the mats regularly to clean up the groove.

WARRANTY :  1 years . for normal use. 

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