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PVC Grid Leisure Mating

Material: Eco friendly PVC
Structure: Open PVC Grid
Roll Size: 1.15m*10m
Standard Size: 65cm*45cm/75cm*50cm
Mat thickness: 4 MM
Weight: 5.0kg/sqm
Colors: Blue,Red,Green,Yellow

PVC Grid Leisure Mating is a efficient drainage matting for wet areas such as around pools,shower room, changing room. The pvc grids with embossed slip-resistance surface provide a safer and more comfortable proformance to barefoot. 

Features : 

◆ Quick drying due to the open grid structure

◆  Excellent drainage

◆  Excellent resistance to wear

◆  Easy install and clean, just roll up 

◆  Eco friendly,no smell


Scrub the mat with a brush and bathroom cleaner.

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