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PVC Tube Shower Mat

Material:Eco friendly PVC
Structure:Open PVC Tube
Roll size:0.9m/1.12 m*10m/12m/15m
Standard size:38mmx58mm/48cmx78cm
Tube diameter:7-8 mm

PVC Tube Mat is a great non slip shower mat in shower room. The tubular design allows water flow through and drain away and hollow tubes provide excellent comfort and support underfoot with anti-fatigue properties. It is widely used at wet areas such as Swimming Pool,Changing Room, Bathroom, Laboratories, Boats, etc.

Features :  

◆ Drain water quickly to make floor anti-slip

◆ Lightweight,easy to roll,easy to cut

◆ Tubes provide excellent comfort and support underfoot

◆ Soft pvc tube prevents foot and leg fatigue

◆ Makes wet areas situations safer and more comfortable

◆ Simply be cut to any size or shape required

◆ Easy to roll up and clean

◆ Anti slip,waterproof,cheaper prices,eco friendly,no smell


Easily be cleaned by hose.

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