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Tube Wet Area Matting

Code:FS-7000 C
Material:Eco friendly PVC
Structure:Open PVC Tube
Roll size:0.9m/1.12 m*10m/12m/15m
Standard size:38mmx58mm/48cmx78cm
Tube diameter:6mm/8 mm

PVC Tube matting is the most popular safety matting for swimming pool, bathroom, boats and any wet areas. The hollow pvc tubing design can drain water quickly to keep the wet areas dry clean and safe. The cushion tube is soft to make barefoot comfortably. 


◆ Tubes provide excellent comfort and support underfoot.

◆ Soft pvc tube prevents foot and leg fatigue.

◆ Economical, durable and flexible

◆ Makes wet areas situations safer and more comfortable

◆ Simply be cut to any size or shape required. 

◆ Easy to roll up and clean

◆ Anti slip,waterproof,cheaper prices,eco friendly,no smell


Easily be cleaned by hose.

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