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How to cleaning & maintenance Instructions of Aluminum Recessed Mat

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1. During the winter months, remove matting and clean frames and mat wells once per week.
2. During other seasons, once per month should be sufficient. 

Noted : Each time you clean the frames and pans, make sure there are no residues or particles under the matting. 

This will prevent matting from warping due to an uneven substrate and prevent longterm problems. 

Never use chemicals containing chlorinated hydrocarbons and bleaching/oxidizing agents on matting.

Daily Cleaning
1. Use a stiff brush to loosen and remove dry particles and fine soiling from the surface of the product. 
2. Use a vacuum to collect and remove loose soiling.
  • For dry spills, brush into a receptacle or vacuum to remove. 
  • For small wet spills, use a clean cloth or other absorbent material to soak up as much of the spill as possible. 
  • For large wet spills, use a wet/dry pick-up vacuum or a hot water extraction cleaning machine to remove dirt.
  • For chewing gum removal, ideally remove before it becomes hardened and compacted into the matting surface. Proprietary gum removal gels are readily available to assist removal. 
Periodic Cleaning (as needed, depending on degree of soiling) 

Periodically, more thorough cleaning of the matting in place can be conducted if needed. 
Dry extraction or solution brush extraction may be used. 

1.Dry extraction uses a moist compound that is impregnated with cleaning chemicals which can be applied using a stiff brush or mechanically driven applicator with counter rotating brushes. The compound should be left to absorb the soil for a short period and then removed by vacuuming.

2.Solution brush extraction uses machines with counter rotating brushes, which introduce a cleaning solution to the products surface and return the soiled solution straight to the machine. 

Note: it is important to ensure surface moisture is extracted from the products’ surface to avoid premature soiling. In addition, periodically lift up the matting modules to allow thorough cleaning. This also allows for inspection of the mat well to check on the condition as well as facilitating reversal of modules if appropriate. 
  •  Vacuum mat well surface to remove soil prior to lifting up modules. Use a large screwdriver to carefully lift individual matting modules from the mat well. 
  • Clean out soil filtrated to the base of the mat well and frame. Depending on the degree of soiling, clean the matting using the above methods or, in excessive soil situations, hot water extraction or jet wash methods may be more appropriate. 
  • Note: it is important that the modules are fully dry before replacing.